Half the World Lives on 1% of Its Land, Mapped

Half the World Lives on 1% of Its Land, Mapped
In the simple map above lies a stark spatial imbalance: half the people in the world cram into just 1 percent of the Earth's surface (in yellow), and the other half sprawl across the remaining 99 percent (in black). Data viz extraordinaire Max Galka …
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Revealed: The world's 15 most valuable footballers, including Harry Kane
According to a new study, Harry Kane is the FIFTH most valuable footballer in the world. But Kane is still nearly three times less valuable than Lionel Messi , who remains as the planet's value-for-money star, despite seeing his stock drop by €17million.
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Inside the Isis terrorism workshops: video shows Raqqa research centre
The centre is in the group's Syrian stronghold, Raqqa, where technicians from around the world have been plotting to wreak chaos outside of the self-declared caliphate's borders, according to the group's own fighters and members of the Syrian …
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