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UK EU exit would be global economy 'shock' – G20 leaders
Finance ministers from the world's leading economies have warned of a "shock" to the global economy if the UK leaves the EU. The ministers gave their opinion in a statement released at the end of a two-day meeting of G20 nations in China. Chancellor …
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The European Union is an ongoing disaster for Africa
Former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell speaks for Africa's 1 billion people when he writes “the world is moving to a freer trading regime, protectionism is declining and discredited” (A plea to fellow Tories: let's not relive the …
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BBC World news America delivers coverage and analysis of international events and issues with a fresh perspective, connecting the dots between the United States and the world. Katty Kay serves as series anchor.
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Breaking the law during World War Two
The new Dad's Army movie shines a light on the selfless volunteers who pulled together to defend the UK from the threat of Nazi invasion. But not everyone was necessarily in it together. Despite the Blitz spirit of World War Two, crime rose from 303 …
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