Action Sports

Action Sports are very popular these days and there are many types. They include sports such as Motocross racing, Surfing, Waterskiing, Parasailing, Rock Climbing and the list goes on. Here is a brief history of the beginnings of a few of the more popular Action Sports.

History of Skateboarding.

Skateboarding began in Southern California sometime in the late 40s or early 50s. Southern California has some of the most popular surfing spots in the state which attract surfers from all over the world. Even when the waves were not right the surfers wanted to be able to surf so somehow skateboarding evolved, no one really knows who built the very first skateboard, but the idea caught on and spread like wild fire. Today there are skateparks, ramp skating, trick skating and the Skateboard itself has evolved to allow skaters the ability to perform very complicated tricks and maneuvers.

History of Snowboarding.

The first Snowboard was called the Snurfer and was manufactured as a toy in 1966. I was basically a Skateboard with no wheels that you would steer with a rope. It had no bindings but would allow your boots to adhere to the board. In the early 70s a surfer developed a Snowboard called the Winterstick based on the feel of a surfboard but with the same function as skis. Through the years Snowboards and Snowboarding have increased greatly in popularity with the boards now being designed to enable Snowboards to race and perform freestyle tricks.

History of Skiing.

Skiing began as a means of travel and transportation. Sondre Norheim of Norway helped develop Skiing as Recreation and a Sport. In the mid to late 1800s lighter, thinner, cambered skis and a new stiff binding were developed which made it possible for skiers to swing, jump and maneuver turns while skiing down hill.

Some types of skiing are;

Alpine Skiing is what you do when you go to a ski resort, ride the lift and let gravity propel you down the run.

Alpine Freestyle or Jib skiing is where skiers use jumps or kicks to do aerial tricks.

Back Country Skiing or Nordic touring uses Nordic style equipment which allows skiers to ski up hill in areas where there are no chairlifts.

Cross Country Racing is one third up hill, one third downhill and one third flat.

Adaptive Skiing is done by people with physical disabilities and allows for adaptations to standard ski equipment.

Military Skiing is recreational and a means of transportation for the military, many armies train for ski warfare.

Nordic Jumping or ski flying is where skiers slide down a ramp and fly to see who can to the furthest before landing on the ground.

Nordic Skiing is the most popular style and does not require a special ski area and was developed in Scandinavia as a means of travel in winter.

Telemark skiing uses flexible ski boots that do not lock the heels into the skis which allow the skier to travel at higher speeds.

History of Cycling.

Cycling has grown in popularity over the years and throughout the world. In some countries it is a means of transportation through very narrow streets that will not allow cars to travel or countries where cars are too expensive. Cycling as a sport has increased in popularity throughout the world as well and uses bikes that are specially designed for the terrain and speeds.

Action Sports Gifts.

Action Sports are becoming more popular everyday and there are many types. They can include other sports such as Motocross racing, Surfing, Waterskiing, Parasailing, Rock Climbing, 4 Wheeling, Snowmobiling, Drag Racing, Mountain Biking and more.

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