Chicago Sports

It is very common for a city to have a great sporting culture. It is so in the case of Chicago also. The city has a tradition, culture and affinity for the sports. Being one of the largest cities in the country, it will be apt only if the city has a tradition and a quest to excel in sports. The city doesn’t disappoint you in this regard as it has a rich tradition of being one of the hot spots of the country when it comes to sports. The city, in fact has teams for all the four major American sports, namely Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. The teams from the city feature in all of these leagues which are namely Bears in National Football League (NFL), White sox and Clubs in Major League Baseball (MLB), Bulls in National Basketball Association (NBA), and the Blackhawks in National Hockey League (NHL). With this, it satisfies the criteria for being one of the major sports hot spots in the country. The teams from the city also feature in the women’s sports as well. It has women team in all the major sports. Each team has its own venue, called the home ground, in the city.

The city also features excellent infrastructure for the sports and also has a great fanfare following their sporting icons. The city has produced many sporting icons who have been acclaimed all over the world, as one of the best sportsman to have ever played the game. The major stadiums that one can see for sporting action include U.S. Cellular Field, which is the home stadium for the Chicago White Sox, Wrigley Field, the home ground of Chicago Clubs Baseball team, United Center for Basketball team and so on. Chicago has given the bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The city was chosen to represent United States in the bid. The city has also once hosted the Pan American Games. It was in the year 1959, that the city hosted the games. The city has also many university teams participating in several games. All the teams have their own home stadiums in the city, providing excellent infrastructure and a good platform for training and excelling in the sports. The city has teams in almost all the professional sports that give this city, a tradition in sports arena. The teams have been performing well all throughout the years and have won the respective league titles several times. The city also hosts a marathon event each year, and that is one of the five major marathon events in all over the world.

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Hendrik Kleinwaechter is an automotive engineer from the area of Chicago.