News On World Class Hair Straightener By Babyliss

Some people are born with natural straight hair and some with curly hair. Nowadays it is considered fashionable to have straight hair. For those that are blessed with naturally occurring straight hair, this is advantageous. They do not have to go to a stylist or buy a hair straightener. For people with not so straight hair, one of these two options is a must.

There are, literally, scores of hair straightener manufacturers out there vying for the coveted number one spot in sales. Amongst these manufacturers is a company whose products go by the name of Babyliss. This company has developed and entire range of hair straightening products, from light duty for the casual user to heavy duty for the daily stylist.

Amongst its dedicated straightener line are some really decent products that are worth buying. The current model range is available with new looks and advanced functionalities. All are now sold with their own matching bags and accessories. Some heavy duty models sport high gloss finishes giving them a professional salon look.

The construction quality of the entire range is top notch and some really space age materials incorporating advanced ceramics technology are used to ensure that you get a satisfying user experience every time. This patented technology also ensures that heat distribution is even over the entire plate. This year’s products heating plates are twenty five percent bigger to accommodate fast styling. The matching storage bags are designed to be heat proof and there is a heat resistant mat on which to put your straightener when in use.

Starting up is fast, as the straightener is ready for use in fifteen seconds. The entire range now caters to all hair types and has multiple heat settings, typically 180C, 200C, 230C. Incorporated into these products is ionic technology that ensures that you get a frizz free shine. You can never burn out your straightener as there is a auto shut off function built for this purpose.

All products are now designed to address a global market as the entire range now sports multi-voltage, designed to be used in both 110 volt and 250 volt environments. The power cords that are used are of high quality and now in a standard three meter length. There is a five-year guarantee on all straightener products.

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